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    I think we all have empathy.
    We may not have enough courage to display it.
     -Maya Angelou-



    The way we live together is changing in a rapid way. We are confronted with situations that never occurred in our life time before. It is hard to keep up with rules and regualtions that tell us how to live and even often with whom.

    Empathy for whom we are in our core being and what we are aiming for is hardly looked at. It is time to take an active role in this change!

    The vision of EmPathIQ Communication Services Training is to empower every individual who is ready to take their lives in their own hands, who wants to be skilled in honoring their EmPathIQ being in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm and those who wants to change the game of life as how they lived it until now.


    EmPathIQ LLC is on a mission to offer growth and life-changing breakthroughs in the communication of Game-Changers in all their relationships. Although Communication is the way to make ourselves known to the world, it is hardly looked at in our lives! Emotions, Energies, Thoughts and Words are tools to express ourselves.

    EmPathIQ offers unprecedented knowledge and skills of working with these tools. Realizing your needs and wants, wording your upsets in ways that do not attack another person. Learning steps to move through conflicts. Acknowledge as well as transforming the hurdles of personal upsets into wishes, individual as well as in relationships.

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    About Ceacillea Emahmn

    Ceacillea Emahmn is originally from the Netherlands. She's a mother, grandmother of 4 grand kids who she cares for with play and freedom. She loves growing organic veggies, riding her bicycle and stand as a sovereign business woman.

    She is passionate to help Game-Changers in today’s life on earth, transforming a language of overpowering into a language of collaboration, being seen, acknowledged, understood, appreciated, valued, loved and cared for.


    As a former theatre director, she uses play and laughter to help identify the changes in our relationships we yearn for. Be ready to receive a life-changing moment in any situation she works with you; whether this is in private coaching or in her 6 Month’s transformational EmPathIQ Communication Training.

    She certified in the Gordon Method and was teaching Parent, Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Training for over 30 years.

    Ceacillea has been certified in Sociocratic Management as well as in the Consent Method.

    She was trained by her late husband Emhamn in Metaphysics, working with Tatwas and processes. His beautiful geometric Mandala Designs open up the subconscious mind in unprecedented ways. Ceacillea uses these designs and processes in her training and coaching to help you get through upsets or behavior patterns that you feel stuck in. Her work with frequencies with the Tatwas did not stop there. She is a longtime facilitator for the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing, as well as that she certified in High Frequency healing and Instant Miracle Mastery by Christian Mickelsen.


    Combining her former training and knowledge, Ceacillea realized it was time to design her own extensive training in which she moves her students step by step through deeper layers in communication. EmPathIQ Communication Services and Training was born. Working on oneself in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual area, one discovers Empathy as an innate force that is highly intelligent!

    As Ceacillea’s background is a playful one, she loves to use roleplay and having fun with situations in communication that are all so familiar to us, but that we really would want to change.

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    Tiffany ellaborates how EmPathIQ Communication helped deepen her relationship with her son  and how his son changed after establishing an open and empathiq communication.

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    John shares the beauty of an "I" statement and how it helped him interact with people and reflect his values in a non-confrontational ways.

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